Lindemann - "Skills in Pills"

Legendary Rammstein is one of the most successful hard rock groups in Germany who also has had the biggest international breakthrough. The band has sold more than 17 million copies!

Rammstein`s frontman Till Lindemann has now decided to launch his solo project and it is gonna be awsome! Till is known for his unique baritone voice, crazy character and provocative words. He is also known as an actor and a poet.

Roadrunner Records even named him among the fifty best metal band leaders.

Lindemann has joined forces with Peter Taegtgren - Swedish metal multi-instrumentalist and producer (Dimmu Borgir, Children Of bodom, Cradle of Filth, Sabaton). For the first time Lindemann will also sing in English.


His solo-project „Skills in Pills“ will launch in June.


Skills in Pills Tracklist:

01. Skills In Pills 02. Ladyboy 03. Fat 04. Fish On 05. Children Of The Sun 06. Home Sweet Home 07. Cowboy 08. Golden Shower 09. Yukon 10. Praise Abort 11. That’s My Heart *

* = Bonus Track